UPS to Lay Off 160 in Manchester

The legacy of J. Hardwood Cochrane's Overnight Transportation is being partially dismantled according to today's announcement by UPS to lay off 160 workers in Manchester as reported by the Times-Dispatch. But I guess that is what's expected when Corporate America takes control of a local business. Then again, the change of control of

Some Good-Lookin’ Cans Y’all!!!

Manchesterites - if you notice some new trash cans in your neighborhood you can thank RVA Clean Sweep and Keep Virginia Beautiful. RVA Clean Sweep received a grant this year from Keep Virginia Beautiful which made possible the purchase of trash cans for Manchester. Clean Sweep has done countless cleanups around

Construction Starts on 7 West

I am not sure exactly why, but I decided to go biking through Manchester Saturday while temperatures soared into the high 90s with a heat index of 108. Luckily I was rewarded with some new sights for my effort. Perhaps the most interesting of all the scenery I spied was the new construction that

Manchester Crime Down by 25%, Bucks City Trend

Crime statistic trends have generally been moving in the wrong direction for Richmond in 2016. The city has seen a 53% increase in homicides, a 43% increase in vehicle theft, and an overall increase of 5% across all crime categories. But Manchester is an entirely different story. Manchester has seen a reduction or

J. Harwood Cochrane Dies

The person who has arguably had the single largest impact on Manchester of anyone in recent memory, has just passed-J. Harwood Cochrane. As reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Mr. Cochrane was 103 years old. Mr. Cochrane was the founder of Manchester's Overnight Transportation, which is now UPS Freight. As we reported in

Old Time Manchester-Richmond Bridge Photos

Yes, it's true. I am fascinated by the bridges that connect Manchester and Richmond. Recently I proposed a potential different and better use for the Mayo Bridge taking it back to its original roots. Understanding the history of these bridges and their construction is both fascinating and informative. The featured image is of The Mayo Bridge

“It All Drains to the James” – 2016 Storm Drain Project

Back in April we announced the RVA 2016 Storm Drain Project and recently the five finalists painted their winning designs on storm drains along Tredegar Street. The project received 50+ entries which are currently on display in City Hall. The drains were painted between July 13-18.  The following storm drain pictures depict the conceptual criteria

Fix The Mayo Bridge!

I travel the Mayo Bridge at least twice per day as I leave and enter downtown Richmond on my daily commute. My wife and I also bike and walk the Mayo Bridge on weekends as it provides one of our favorite experiences with the James River given how close to the water

City Council Rubber Stamps City’s Half Million Dollar Giveaway

So Mayor Jones and City Council just gave away 14 tax delinquent, blighted properties it recently seized as reported by The Richmond Times-Dispatch. Break out the noisemakers and party balloons, right? Way to go City, fix those blighted properties!!! Well actually...this is just the latest example of another fraud scheme by the City that cost