2016 Manchester Crime Down, Continues to Buck City Trend

Crime statistic trends continue to move in the wrong direction for Richmond in 2016. The city has seen a 54% increase in homicides and an overall increase of 4% across all crime categories. But Manchester is an entirely different story. Manchester has seen a reduction of crime in every single category, with no homicides

Time to Take A Dam Walk!

After numerous delays, the T-Pot bridge, or Dam Walk, will open this Friday! The Mayor's office announced the opening of the much anticipated bridge and it will be available for use this weekend. According to the City: "The City of Richmond announced today that it will officially open the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial

1213 Hull Street Renovation Begins

The momentum of renovation along the Hull Street business corridor is picking up steam. Originally the Jones-Green Shoe Co. building, 1213 Hull Street was originally built in 1911. The building was most recently Richmond Christian Family Service Store before it it was ultimately boarded up approximately 30+ years ago. The building is being renovated

South Canal Project Gets Greenlight

If you didn't hear the news already, Fountainhead Properties' South Canal Project received approval from City Council. Richmond BizSense reported the news last week in its "‘Beacon’ to Manchester takes big step forward" article. Fountainhead Properties' Tom Papa is quoted in the article as saying: "This is the best piece of

Commerce Road Gets Paved!

Everyone's car axles and tires should be doing a collective fist bump. Commerce Road is getting paved! If you are unfamiliar with the condition of the road, it was in terrible shape. The old asphalt was stripped bare and potholes were seemingly everywhere. Given that Commerce Road is one of the main corridors in and out

Blood in the Cut

This past week was an historical event that won't soon be forgotten. Like others, I've had mixed emotions because it's been a long haul not only for the national election but the local election as well. I've been fixated with a certain song from K.Flay - "Blood in the Cut". It's

The Election of Blind Rage

I feel like I need a rabies shot after witnessing the blind rage shown by candidates and supporters alike during this election cycle. This campaign season was akin to watching a drunken father beat his wife while in front of his children and not having the ability to intervene to stop it. And I am not

Urban Farmhouse on Semmes Is Closed

Well, that didn't take long. Ten months after opening in January, the new Urban Farmhouse on Semmes Avenue is closed. I can't say I'm entirely surprised. I have visited the location on multiple occasions, and on more than one instance I was the only person there. I assume that part of

Understanding Richmond’s Cockroach Problem: Joe Morrissey

The past week has provided a Fall cornucopia of Jerry Springer-esque, TMZ-like, sideshow carnival programming featuring Joe Morrissey’s sordid life. It has saturated Richmond’s media. His political adversaries have speculated, more like hoped, that Joe would drop out as a result. But those wishful thinkers fail to understand one simple

Lighthouse Diner on Hull? Sugar Shack? Pho? What’s the Deal?

Closed in 1970, the Lighthouse Diner on Hull Street has been rumored for the better part of 15 years to be just a few short months away from reopening. As it turns out, that was wishful thinking. The quasi-vintage exterior picture from the City of Richmond's real estate records shows what it

Bank Collectors?

When my wife and I were young, neither of us recall wanting to become bank collectors. And I am not referring to the type that call delinquent borrowers to collect unpaid debts. You see, some people collect stamps. Others collect coins. Apparently through some strange twist of fate we have become

Sweeten the Pot….

Transforming a neighborhood doesn't come easy. It can be overwhelming at times when all you see are a myriad of 40 ounce beer cans wrapped in that "oh so chic" shiny black plastic, along with the litter of lottery tickets strewn across the sidewalk. Unfortunately, some mini marts have a way of

Manchester Meet & Greet With Donald Moss

6th District City Council challenger Donald Moss is extending an invitation to all for a Meet & Greet in Manchester on Tuesday, October 4 at 5:30 PM - 7 PM. Here is the invitation: "Join us at The Bankuet Place to meet Donald, discuss your concerns for Manchester and Richmond, and hear his plans to get

The contrasting beauty of RVA

RVA is a juxtaposition of contrasting beauty. The natural bounty of the James abounds. Shad, sturgeon, osprey, herons, and eagles live here. Industrial grit noisily squeaks and squeals over steel and concrete bridges as the trains and trucks motor through. Commerce and manufacturing happens here. VCU Students invade and leave the city like a mighty tide as the semesters