The contrasting beauty of RVA

RVA is a juxtaposition of contrasting beauty. The natural bounty of the James abounds. Shad, sturgeon, osprey, herons, and eagles live here. Industrial grit noisily squeaks and squeals over iron and concrete bridges as the trains and trucks motor through. Commerce and manufacturing happens here. VCU Students invade and leave the city like a mighty tide as the

Austin Healy on Hull

This March 18th, 1959 photograph of an Austin Healy on Hull Street is pretty darn cool! The building shown in the 1959 photograph at 1200-1202 Hull Street no longer remains, but all of the other structures in the photograph have survived. The furniture store building at 1204-1206 Hull Street is unrecognizable given the

The Rebirth of Hull Street

Casually driving down Hull Street you may not notice all the architects, contractors, and developers working in the neighborhood. Whether they are congregating on the sidewalk, standing on rooftops, or spelunking through boarded up buildings that haven't seen the light of day in 50 me, they are there. You really need to get out

UPS to Lay Off 160 in Manchester

The legacy of J. Hardwood Cochrane's Overnight Transportation is being partially dismantled according to today's announcement by UPS to lay off 160 workers in Manchester as reported by the Times-Dispatch. But I guess that is what's expected when Corporate America takes control of a local business. Then again, the change of control of

Some Good-Lookin’ Cans Y’all!!!

Manchesterites - if you notice some new trash cans in your neighborhood you can thank RVA Clean Sweep and Keep Virginia Beautiful. RVA Clean Sweep received a grant this year from Keep Virginia Beautiful which made possible the purchase of trash cans for Manchester. Clean Sweep has done countless cleanups around

Construction Starts on 7 West

I am not sure exactly why, but I decided to go biking through Manchester Saturday while temperatures soared into the high 90s with a heat index of 108. Luckily I was rewarded with some new sights for my effort. Perhaps the most interesting of all the scenery I spied was the new construction that

Manchester Crime Down by 25%, Bucks City Trend

Crime statistic trends have generally been moving in the wrong direction for Richmond in 2016. The city has seen a 53% increase in homicides, a 43% increase in vehicle theft, and an overall increase of 5% across all crime categories. But Manchester is an entirely different story. Manchester has seen a reduction or