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It’s just a bridge…get over it!

How catchy in that tagline? And so clever too!

Check out the Manchester Alliance on their website or on their Facebook Page. Here is the description for the Manchester Alliance as listed on their Facebook page:

“The Manchester Alliance is a neighborhood association encompassing residents, businesses and property owners that share common ideals and goals for the land and improvements defined by its physical boundaries. Those boundaries include the James River to the North and East, Maury Street to Commerce Road, Commerce Road to Hull Street and Hull Street to Cowardin to the South and Cowardin Avenue to the West. The common interests of the Manchester Alliance include, but are not limited to the following principles:

To support innovative, responsible development that is architecturally inspiring, sustainable and appropriate in scale and use.

To be advocates for the integrity of mixed-use and public amenities, while respecting the history of the neighborhood through quality renewal and restoration.

To endorse diverse, social, cultural and economic growth through a collaborative effort of area property owners and the City of Richmond.

To ensure a safe and inviting environment by means of avid communication among area property owners and the City of Richmond Police.”

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