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Barking up the Right Tree: Tree Donations For Hull Street!

There are an enormous number of empty tree wells in Manchester. There are currently 17 empty tree wells on Hull Street alone. And given the persistent efforts of Sam McDonald who convinced the City to cut out tree wells during its recent sidewalk repairs, 9 new tree wells have been added.

Richmond Mayor Poll Round 2: Who Would You Vote For As the Next Mayor?

And then there were three...err, well make that five. Three candidates from the 1st Round of our Richmond Mayor Poll each collected 20%+ of the votes and have moved on to the 2nd Round: Levar Stoney, Jon Baliles, & Chris Hilbert.                     However, to spice things up for the 2nd Round, we are adding two wildcards:

Hobo Fortress Burned Down

Where you have trains, you have hobos and train jumpers. Where you have large cities, you have the homeless. And no matter how unpleasant to the eye, or inconvenient their presence might seem to some, the folks living in these conditions are human beings. I saw a recent posting on Reddit

POLL: Would You Vote for Doug Wilder If He Ran for Mayor Again This November?

Former City of Richmond Mayor and Governor of Virginia, Douglas Wilder, ceased his silence and publicly admonished Mayor Dwight Jones in an opinion piece posted in The Richmond Times-Dispatch this past weekend entitled: “No more silence about the state of the city". Wilder voiced his frustration with the city’s current state

Manchester Silo Art Coming This April!!!

Art lovers rejoice! We just received word that the much anticipated RVAStreetArt project slated for Manchester appears to be moving forward this April! That means the iconic Southern States silos will be transformed with wonderful artwork for the betterment of the entire RVA skyline. The silos in silhouette.A blank canvas that will change in

Meet Lieutenant Timothy Wyatt

I sat down for coffee with Lieutenant Timothy Wyatt this week. Lt. Wyatt is in charge of The Richmond Police Department’s First Precinct – Sector 112. That is no small task considering the breadth, bridges, and neighborhood diversity that comprise Sector 112. On any given day, Lt. Wyatt can face problems in the

Moving to Manchester: Big River

Local advertising agency Big River is making the move to Manchester! Soon to be crossing the bridge and moving into the RVA Construction building on Hull Street, the advertising agency is busily preparing for their move. We thought it would be nice to welcome them to the neighborhood. Plus we thought you would like to learn a

Who Would You Vote for As Richmond’s Next Mayor?

Mayor Jones' term is due to end. We need to vote this November for Richmond's next mayor. While it isn't certain who is definitively running yet, we thought it would be interesting to run a poll based upon some of the possible candidates who spoke to Richmond Magazine in its November 2015 feature, “Mayorology 2016". So cast your