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Moving to Manchester: Big River

Local advertising agency Big River is making the move to Manchester!

Soon to be crossing the bridge and moving into the RVA Construction building on Hull Street, the advertising agency is busily preparing for their move. We thought it would be nice to welcome them to the neighborhood. Plus we thought you would like to learn a little about your new neighbor.

Here is what what Big River’s Director of Engagement Jan Crable had to say about the firm and its pending move to Manchester…

M: When was Big River founded?
JC: We opened our floodgates September 10, 2001. And it’s been an amazing adventure ever since.

M: What is Big River?
JC: Big River is a strategic, multi-faceted brand-enabling agency that partners closely with our clients to bring their brand’s vision to life and, importantly, work with the employees of the company to live the brand in their everyday jobs.

M: What are you most proud of in terms of accomplishments for Big River?
JC: At Big River, we have a guiding philosophy: People Believe people. It’s founded in our belief that you have to be authentic, human and true to your core. And that begins—and ends—with people. And we’re most proud that Big River has attracted some of the most talented people who really love what they do.

M: What’s the trick to differentiating yourself from your competition?
JC: We believe that to make a difference, you need to stand for something. We stand for the idea that great brands are built by real people. We create the real, meaningful and relevant ties that bring people together, bound by shared beliefs and brand values.

M: What has been the biggest challenge for Big River?
JC: Our biggest challenge is also our greatest catalyst for coming in every day. Our clients represent a diverse spectrum of industries, from hospitality to health care to consumer goods and philanthropic causes. Each one offers distinct dynamics that reflect an ever changing—and always challenging—marketplace and consumer mindset. Keeping up with today’s markets and consumers is easy… But merely “keeping up” really means lagging behind. The real challenge is keeping in front. Leading the charge.

M: Why did you select Manchester for your relocation?
JC:  There’s a belief that real creativity happens on the fringes. Pioneers and explorers discover new lands and opportunities not by staying or settling where they are. Manchester represents one of RVA’s newest and most creative frontiers. And we’re excited to be a part of both its foundation and future.

M: When do you move to Manchester?
JC: Late March to early April.

M: What’s next for Big River?
JC: Evolving from being perceived as an “agency” to embraced as true partners in the strategic future of our clients. From its people to its products, a brand is an experience greater than the sum of its parts, and each of those parts must embody and extoll the values and virtues of what that brand stands for.

M: Anything else you would like to share?
JC: Build it and they will come” works great for nostalgic baseball cornfields, not for modern day brands. You have to build it together.

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