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Trees Wanted Now

The opening image depicts a beautiful tree displayed quite prominently on the side of an old brick building in Manchester at the corner of Hull and Cowardin. In stark contrast to this image is the reality of the Hull Street corridor without the beauty of trees lining its main thoroughfare.

Instead of figuratively suggesting trees, let’s literally plant them and organize that process now. Below is an image that shows all the ways trees are good for us and the environment.
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To help kick start this, please go to our Manchester: 10 Things You Can Do Now and zero in on #7 Trees, Trees, More Trees, and Green Space. We need benefactors, volunteers, anyone that can give to the cause. Please email Capital Trees NOW and tell them you’d love to see them take Manchester on as a project so that we may be able to green our Manchester neighborhood. Or even better yet, if you or a benefactor that you know would be willing to contribute to this cause, please contact us with details.

Arbor Day is coming up on April 29th for Virginia.  Let’s get this started so we can celebrate that day with the beauty of trees in our neighborhood.

Photo credit to Richmond on the James for tree mural.

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