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Dear City Council: Finish the Dam Walk!

Unbelievably, there appears to be yet another issue that may prevent the full completion of the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge, otherwise know as the Dam Walk, or the T-Pot Bridge. Is anyone as tired of these delays and never-ending obstacles as I am??? This project is a no-brainer. Let’s get it DONE already!!!

We have written about this project twice now in the last 3 months: Some Dam Good News: Dam Walk Progress! and So Who Else Is Tired Of Waiting To Go For A Dam Walk?!?!. And while there is now visible activity by contractors who are doing work on the project, apparently Richmond City Council still needs to appropriate funding in the FY 2017 Capital Improvements Program for completion of all phases of the bridge.

Dam Walk Progress

According to Sports Backers and the James River Association websites, this funding is necessary for “a universally accessible pathway on the south bank of the James River allowing individuals with disabilities, pedestrians, and people on bicycles to easily access destinations in the Manchester neighborhood. This phase also includes adequate lighting, signage, and furnishings.”

This project could have a huge impact on improving walkability, bikeablilty, and accessibility to the City’s most incredible natural resource-the James River. It will also do wonders for tying the City and Manchester together.

If you would like to support this initiative, sign the petition which is a polite way of saying: Dear City Council: Finish the Dam Walk!

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