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Entrepreneur buying buildings and sprucing up Manchester

People ask why we set up The Dogtown Dish. Well, here is a brief explanation.

Laura Dyer Hild and I fell in love with the potential of Manchester. We set up The Dogtown Dish to trumpet the great things going on in this edgy, artistic, urban community. Our desire is to see Manchester be all that it can be. While the neighborhood admittedly still needs work, it also has made incredible strides. And we thought the community deserved positive reinforcement along the way for all the people who are working so hard to make Manchester vibrant again. We try to highlight those people and their stories as much as possible. These business owners, residents, and developers are the central nervous system of Manchester-its backbone if you will.

We also thought The Dogtown Dish could provide a platform to share ideas and speak to topics we are passionate about. Simple, but important things like trees, bike racks, parklets, green space, vibrant community businesses, and art are the things that make a successful neighborhood unique and livable. We try to feature these topics and provide examples of how they could potentially be executed so as to highlight the unique character of this City within a City.

But we realize that words are not enough. Manchester needs action, money, and passion to keep things moving forward. So we decided to personally invest in the Manchester neighborhood across all three dimensions. Today’s Sunday Business Cover article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch entitled Entrepreneur buying buildings and sprucing up Manchester provides a little better insight about who we are, what we are up to, and some thoughts on the tree planting initiative we recently kicked off.

If you would like to join us and all the other great folks who are working to help this community-consider this an open invitation to get involved. Let’s make Manchester great again!


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