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Traffic Calming Proposed for Manchester

So have you seen the traffic circles that have been installed recently around the City in neighborhoods such as Church Hill or the Fan?

Well Manchester is potentially going to get 4 traffic circles and 2 choke points in order to slow the pace of traffic in its residential section on Bainbridge, Perry, and Porter. Per the city, “Neighborhood consensus coupled with Councilwoman Robertson’s support will move this plan toward implementation.”

Here are the details as described by the City via email and you may see the full plan here: Manchester Traffic Calming Plan 031516:

Bainbridge St: Traffic calming circles on 10th St, 12th St and 14th St. Estimate cost = $45,000
Porter St: Traffic calming circle on 12th St; Switch Stop signs on 10th St and 14th St; Estimate cost = $12,000
Perry St: Chokers on 9th St and 10th St; Estimate cost = $64,000
There is an ongoing slurry project on Manchester Area on: Bainbridge St, Porter St, Perry St and McDonough St between Cowardin Ave and Commerce Rd. This project includes new wheelchair ramps and striping existing crosswalks.

Traffic Calming Plan

According to the City, Hull Street will unfortunately need to wait: “The Hull Street Streetscape was estimated at $350,000 and is considered a separate Capital Improvement Project (CIP) proposal.”

It does appear however, that the Hull Street Streetscape is earmarked in the existing FY17 budget proposal. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it remains that way.

While the preliminary proposal isn’t perfect, if our vote is worth anything, we are supportive! We say this for two reasons: 1) Speeds through Manchester (Bainbridge specifically) are much too fast for a safe, walkable, bikeable neighborhood, and 2) We need to encourage the City to continue to invest in Manchester infrastructure projects like this and we don’t want to resist their positive efforts.

So what do you think? Are you in favor of the City’s Manchester traffic calming plan as it is proposed? Vote below so your opinion is heard!

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18 thoughts on “Traffic Calming Proposed for Manchester

  1. 100k+ in some traffic circles when the city is so low on funds it’s closing schools? This and the tens of thousands of dollars waisted on a brick crosswalks at belvidere and idlewood are why young families give up on the city once they have kids. It’s been 7 years for me and I’m tired of fighting the waist and incompetence.

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