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Richmond Storefront Density

A fascinating City Observatory study entitled "The Storefront Index" by Joe Jacobs was published recently showing customer facing storefront density for the top 51 American cites. How did Richmond do? Well, first off the study only shows the absolute number of retail stores in the central business district for each city and

Hull Street 1966

Hull Street once had it going on. The above picture is of the Benedictine Cadets marching in a 1966 Armed Forces Parade down the 1300 block of Manchester's Hull Street. Can you believe the number and density of stores along Hull Street?! Compare the above picture to a June 2015 Google

City Council Proposes to Eliminate Funding for Manchester Revitalization

Richmond is in the midst of an artistic, educational, entrepreneurial, culinary, and cultural renaissance. Manchester is a critically important emerging neighborhood in Richmond's revitalization. Manchester's diversity of new housing opportunities has attracted an equally-as-diverse group of new residents, artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses. We are dreamers, makers, and doers in Manchester...and we have a relentlessly

RVA Earth Day Festival

Are you planning to go to Earth Day in Manchester? According to a press release from Style Weekly, Earth Day will Return to Manchester on April 23. The region’s largest and most popular celebration of the great outdoors returns to Manchester on Saturday, April 23, from noon to 7 p.m. The free, environmentally focused,