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Hot Mess Hosts Weenie Roast Over Dumpster Fire

In case you missed the news, Joe Morrisey is officially running for Mayor. The announcement reminds us of’s Hot Mess Endorses Dumspter Fire article covering Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump.

The City’s finances are a total disaster. The Mayor is in the middle of a combined state/FBI investigation for City resources being used on his private Church-the full extent is yet to be revealed. Poverty is rampant. The schools are woefully underfunded. There are basic infrastructure problems such as unpaved roads and sidewalks that are in total disrepair. And essential City Services such as snow and leaf removal haven’t even been incorporated into the City budget.

It begs the question. Do we really need a convicted criminal, pedophile, and disbarred lawyer jumping into the Mayoral race to hold a giant (or more likely tiny) weenie roast over the roaring dumpster fire that once resembled the financial books of the City of Richmond? We think not.

Use your brains RVA. Say No to Fightin’ Joe Morrissey.

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