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Manchester Silos: Support the RVA Street Art Fest 2016

Many of you may have heard or seen this already via other news outlets and blogs but I’m feeling so excited about this project that I want to shout it from the roof tops! Manchester is hosting the 3rd Edition of the RVA Street Art Fest 2016 at the Manchester Silos on April 22nd through the 24th.

This is a big step to reviving the Manchester Waterfront and creating the first impression into our great community. You can check out the article I wrote a couple of months ago to learn more about the awesome potential of Manchester’s Waterfront – Revival of Manchester Waterfront.

This project is a well choreographed expression of art done in a positive way. The murals planned for the silos will represent the natural setting of the James River and the history surrounding the area. The event will pair locals artists with outside talent in what will be an impactful collaboration.

Interactive exhibits, unique activities, as well as food trucks and craft beer will be apart of the festivities. Please see the video below that will tell you more about the event.

The festival is run completely by volunteers looking to revitalize the city and contribute to RVA arts as well as the artistic youth. Contributions are still needed for this cause. Your monetary donations will secure the necessary paints, lifts, and infrastructure. You can also volunteer for the event. Go here to see how you can contribute or follow the Indiegogo campaign link below to support what will be a wonderful festival!

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