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$6 Million of Federal Funding Allocated to Fix Mayo Bridge

$6 Million of Federal funding thorough the The Regional Surface Transportation Program has been allocated to help rehabilitate the Mayo Bridge. Repairing the Mayo bridge is one of 43 regional projects that have received funding totaling $160 Million. Here are the details from the Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization:

Rehabilitate Mayo Bridge (Route 360) over the James River in the City of Richmond

“The Mayo Bridge was constructed in 1913 and has a VDOT scored bridge sufficiency rating of 35.8 which would rank the bridge condition as poor. The bridge is in need of replacement, but until funding is secured for replacement the City is working to secure the funding for major rehabilitation which is projected to cost $10 million. The proposed rehabilitation includes reconstructing the deck and approaches; repairing all delaminated concrete from under the arch and spandrel beams, pier caps, columns and abutments; and repairing or replacing portions of the parapets.”


$500,000 is allocated in FY 2017 for planning the project, $1.5 Million in 2020 to begin work, and the remaining $4 Millon is slotted for 2021. Given the description above, it is not clear whether the City has allocated the missing $4 Million that is necessary to complement the federal funding that is required to complete the project.

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