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Manchester Market Has Arrived

We get really excited in Manchester about the basics. Potholes are patched. Empty tree wells are filled with trees. Well now there is another to add to the list. Lower Hull Street now has a market!

The new Manchester Market is located in the Port RVA building at 500 Hull St and opened in early May. I have heard positive feedback from residents in the area who are thrilled they don’t have to cross the bridge anymore to pick up basic convenience items.


The store has beer, wine, convenience items, a kitchen & deli, and a small assortment of fresh produce.

Have you been to Manchester Market yet? What did you think?


124 thoughts on “Manchester Market Has Arrived

  1. So great!! Nice selection of things and definitely nice to not have to drive out for basic stuff. Stoked! But what is going in across the street? Rumors say a big grocery store? Moving on up Manchester!

  2. Love the convenience of the store and it’s selection. I only have a problem with the food area. The food is fantastic but only seems to operate a few hours a day. Almost every time I go in there I am told there is no food today.

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