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wasSUP RVA-WhoLetTheDogsOut?

I went to the Dominion Riverrock at Brown’s Island yesterday to see what wasSUP with the river festivities. After my own SUP experience last weekend, I was interested in seeing how the competitors would fair in the SUP Cross over the James River Rapids at the old VEPCO dam. This also happens to be the location for the extension of the T. Tyler Potterfield Bridge. Women and men competitors competed, the river was high, and there were several who fell in the drink as they went through the rapids. Everyone made it through unscathed and a fun time was had by all watching these athletes become one with the water.

And of course you can’t go to the Riverrock event without seeing the dogs launch into a pool of water after their favorite chew toy.

Dominion Riverrock is still going strong today. Don’t miss the SUP Enduro race at 11:00 am. Enjoy the river and show some support RVA!

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