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City Council Rubber Stamps City’s Half Million Dollar Giveaway

So Mayor Jones and City Council just gave away 14 tax delinquent, blighted properties it recently seized as reported by The Richmond Times-Dispatch. Break out the noisemakers and party balloons, right? Way to go City, fix those blighted properties!!! Well actually...this is just the latest example of another fraud scheme by the City that cost

Small Richmond Ain’t So Small

We are passionate about community news, RVA, and Manchester specifically. We love seeing Richmond's neighborhoods thrive. We hope you agree that community blogs are essential because they help each neighborhood tell its story, build an identity, and hold the City accountable for basic services on which we all depend. That's why we

Does Manchester Need a New Master Plan?

Per our recent story, the City's implementation of its Manchester neighborhood plan from 1996 has been an abysmal failure. But there are two differing schools of thought here. The two competing arguments go something like this: Get Moving! Stop paying for plan after plan with no action for 20+ years. Get this sh*t rolling.

Manchester’s Got Asphalt Y’all!!!

The asphalt Gods are smiling on Manchester! After years of neglect, Bainbridge, Porter, and Perry Streets have benefitted from some badly needed paving by the City of Richmond. It could not have come at a better time. Recently, we have seen pothole fever erupt in Manchester. Not too long ago John Gregory with Fountainhead

Manchester Walking Tour

The Valentine announced that it is hosting a Manchester Walking Tour as part of the Richmond History Tours program on Saturday, July 9th from 10AM-12 noon. The walk will start at 201 West 7th Street, Richmond VA 23224 in front of Camden's Dogtown Market. Here are the full details from the

Renovating Richmond’s Recreation Project In Full Swing at Blackwell Field

According to a press release, the Richmond Flying Squirrels Charities, the Barton Malow Foundation, and Richmond International Raceway (RIR) Cares announced on Thursday that they have broken ground on the revitalization of Blackwell Field in the Manchester neighborhood of Richmond. The project will consist of new dugouts, construction of a new

Equestrian Fountain Gone Missing

A beautiful equestrian fountain once sat at the intersection of Hull Street and the Petersburg Turnpike (Cowardin Avenue). According to The Valentine and its history piece on Manchester entitled "Manchester: From Sister City to South Richmond", the fountain was built in 1888 but disappeared sometime in the 1920s: "Built in 1888, this drinking fountain provided passers-by