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Manchester Neighborhood Plan Implementation Grade: F

The City of Richmond adopted a Neighborhood Plan for Old Manchester in 1996 as part of the City’s Master Plan. The strategic plan was intended to be a blueprint for the City that would set forth the revitalization of Manchester, yet be flexible enough to allow adaptation as the area developed. The plan explicitly called for the City to take the lead in spearheading Manchester’s revitalization:

“The City should take a proactive approach and demonstrate its commitment to the revitalization of Old Manchester by implementing key public improvements and orchestrating initial rehabilitation efforts.”

We thought it would be interesting to see how the city has done on the implementation of its plan since it was established in 1996. Here are each of the public priorities as outlined in the plan and the Dogtown Dish’s grade.

Neighborhood Plan Line Item Grades

If you have been to Manchester recently, the number of failing grades are no surprise to you. Frankly, the revitalization that has happened recently in Manchester has been despite the City, not because of it. As a result, we score the City of Richmond’s Implementation of its Manchester Revitalization Plan as Adopted in 1996 with an overall Grade of F.

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