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Island Yoga Fitness Comes to Hull St!

Hull St is about to get whipped into shape! Ravi McPhee has just opened Island Yoga Fitness located at 1227 & 1229 Hull Street.

The property was recently renovated and looks absolutely fantastic. The mixed use building has apartments upstairs and at the rear of the first floor. Island Yoga Fitness takes up the entirety of the 1st floor commercial space in the building. Our understanding is that the building is completely filled at this point. That is wonderful news for Manchester’s Hull Street!

While Ravi is still getting the website, signage, and equipment set up, I couldn’t help but stop in to meet Ravi and snap a few photos. If you want to get in shape, please support Manchester’s newest entrepreneur who is investing in your neighborhood.

Welcome to Hull Street Mr. Ravi McPhee. Thank you for choosing Manchester. We are lucky to have you!

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