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Manchester’s Got Asphalt Y’all!!!

The asphalt Gods are smiling on Manchester! After years of neglect, Bainbridge, Porter, and Perry Streets have benefitted from some badly needed paving by the City of Richmond.

It could not have come at a better time. Recently, we have seen pothole fever erupt in Manchester. Not too long ago John Gregory with Fountainhead Properties documented the massive pothole problem in the industrial and residential areas of Manchester off Hull Street. His work was featured in a recent Style Weekly article entitled: Richmond Developer Steps Up His Quest to Fight Street Craters in Manchester. The map below showed 109 potholes in a relatively small area of Manchester.

109 Potholes In Just This Small Area of Manchester
109 Potholes In Just This Small Area of Manchester

Shortly thereafter, ahem, ospreys were spotted catching fish in some of the larger potholes as documented in our RVA Pothole Art: Osprey Catching Dinner In Prolific Manchester Potholes story. With Councilwoman Ellen Robertson’s help, the City responded by patching the potholes right before the RVA StreetArt and Earth Day Festivities. And now we apparently have asphalt as well. Congratulations Manchester!


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