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Does Manchester Need a New Master Plan?

Per our recent story, the City’s implementation of its Manchester neighborhood plan from 1996 has been an abysmal failure. But there are two differing schools of thought here. The two competing arguments go something like this:

Get Moving! Stop paying for plan after plan with no action for 20+ years. Get this sh*t rolling. Implement the good ideas from the various plans. START NOW, STAT!

Whoa Horsey! Development is sprouting up everywhere, let’s do a plan and get everybody on the same page. Let’s slow down until we build consensus, and do this right. WE ONLY HAVE ONE SHOT AT THIS!

So what do you think? What’s is the right answer? Vote, and be heard:

Does Manchester Need a New Master Plan?

  • Yes. Whoa Horsey! (70%, 44 Votes)
  • No. Get Moving! (30%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 63

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16 thoughts on “Does Manchester Need a New Master Plan?

  1. Manchester needs a plan developed by its stakeholders, not by a City agency alone. Let’s find the right facilitator and get THAT started. We’ve all put too much into this to have someone without that vested interest tell us what we should be….

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