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VOTE NOW: Ellen Robertson or Donald Moss for City Council?

We are about to have an important election this year. Not only does Richmond elect a Mayor, but we elect a new City Council.

With great success, we recently ran our Dogtown Dish Mayoral Poll. Now comes City Council…the 6th District specifically. And if you don’t already know, THE 6TH DISTRICT IS MANCHESTER’S CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT!

In one corner is the incumbent Ellen Robertson. Ellen is a fixture on Richmond’s City Council. She once worked at the long shuttered Lighthouse Diner on Hull Street. She remembers when Manchester was once great, but saw it fall into shambles. On her watch, she has seen Manchester (and the City for that matter), begin its recent resurgence. She helped bring Stone Brewing to Richmond, and has been an advocate for addressing the rampant poverty throughout the city. In other words, Ms. Robertson has historical context. She is what you might call, a known entity.

In the other corner is an ambitious contender who could not be more different. Donald Moss is a young Democratic Party activist who isn’t afraid to knock on doors. Donald Moss wants to infuse the City with a fresh sense of energy, and a different approach. He is upset with the current course of City governance. According to his website, he wants the focus to be on “schools, roads, and public safety. No more fancy projects – we need safe sidewalks, filled potholes, cut grass, and fully funded schools – not handouts to the Washington Redskins.” Donald Moss wants to shake up the City.

So what do you think? Tried and true incumbent Ellen Robertson? Or young and aspiring Donald Moss? VOTE NOW!

Ellen Robertson
Donald Moss
Donald Moss









Who will you vote for as your City Councilmember for the 6th District?

  • Donald Moss (66%, 332 Votes)
  • Ellen Robertson (34%, 169 Votes)

Total Voters: 501

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