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Manchester Walking Tour

Last Saturday, July 9th I went on the Manchester walking tour led by Liz from The Valentine. It was the inaugural tour of the season and although I knew some of the history already, I did learn some new things as well. We started out at Camden’s Dogtown Market and proceeded south across Commerce Road into the residential neighborhood of Manchester. The tour did a loop that continued through the neighborhood (west of Hull) over to Hull Street, through Blackwell (east of Hull) and then down into the industrial section of Manchester.

All in all, the tour was two hours long and going on foot was a great way to better learn about the neighborhood. The group was a total of fifteen RVA enthusiasts who wanted to learn more about Manchester.  They all seemed to walk away from the tour with a greater appreciation of the area and its underlying potential.

The following photos showcase some of the notable areas of interest along the tour. This included the Archibald Freeland House which is the oldest and biggest house in Manchester built in the 1770’s as well as the Anderson home.  The Anderson home is an example of what was most common back in antebellum times regarding wood frame structures that were throughout Manchester. Other examples include the old Trolley Station that housed City of Richmond trollies needing repair, as well as the old industrial manufacturing buildings that are now being converted into apartments.

Thank you to The Valentine for showcasing Manchester as the inaugural tour of the season. RVA get out and explore your old neighborhoods and start with Manchester. This neighborhood has a lot to offer for living the urban lifestyle in Richmond. A place to truly work, live, play and enjoy city living. Let’s bring back life to our Richmond City and live more sustainably for the health and well being of not only us but for our environment.

Trolley Barn/Station that housed the trollies that were in need of repair for City of Richmond.



The Turner-Baldwin House



The Archibald Freeland House that sits atop the hill of Manchester. The front door was originally on the north side of the house to overlook the James River. The entry has since been re-located to the east side of the house.



Mural by Pixel Pancho – Italian street artist who resides in Torino Italy.



The old Mechanics and Merchants Bank – now operating as The Bankuet Place.



The Anderson House – surviving example of wood frame antibellum structures that were most common in Manchester.



MillerLofts – One of several old buildings in the industrial section of Manchester being converted into apartments.



Caravati’s – oldest supplier of architectural salvage. Located in one of the old Cauthorne Manufacturing buildings. Cauthorne manufactured parachutes for World War I as well as mohair car seats for Henry Ford.



Art Works – studio for artists to rent space and exhibit their work.



View of old trolley lines that are still visible throughout Manchester.



Manchester Pie Factory – old industrial building that made pie tins. Restored for use as office and apartment space.



Oldest commercial building still standing in Manchester.


Photo credits – Laura Dyer Hild

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