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Manchester Crime Down by 25%, Bucks City Trend

Crime statistic trends have generally been moving in the wrong direction for Richmond in 2016. The city has seen a 53% increase in homicides, a 43% increase in vehicle theft, and an overall increase of 5% across all crime categories.

But Manchester is an entirely different story. Manchester has seen a reduction or flat level of crime in every single category with the exception of robbery. And for robbery there was only an increase from one to two incidents. Overall, Manchester has seen a whopping decrease in crime of 25%! That number deserves pause, reflection, and frankly a little celebration.

If you look just East of Hull Street at the area of Blackwell, the good news continues. Blackwell has seen a reduction or flat level of crime in all categories with the exception of theft and vehicle theft. Overall, Blackwell has seen a respectable decrease in crime of 13%.

The obvious question is why is the broader Manchester area bucking the trend of the City? Are police patrols increasing? Are criminals targeting softer targets in other areas given an increased police presence? Is the area becoming safer given the recent development and investment? Whatever the causes may be, let’s hope the trend continues. Please keep working with your neighbors and police to keep the momentum going!

Source: Richmond Police Department: Crime Incident Information Center

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  1. Probably because your neighbours in woodland heights are getting their cars, sheds and Hines broken into on a daily basis.

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