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Construction Begins for Ronald McDonald’s New Hull St Home?

As we reported earlier this year in our “Why Is The McChicken Crossing The Road?” story, the McDonald’s at the corner of Hull and Commerce has had longstanding plans to build a new store across the street. Construction was to begin in 2015. And so far through 2016 no physical signs of activity had been seen. Until yesterday that is…

While driving down Hull St, I saw a large piece of heavy equipment busily tearing up the asphalt in the parking lot where the new store is supposedly going to be located. The parking lot is now filled with multiple mountains of asphalt.

The “deal” as it has been explained to me by members of The Manchester Alliance is that the old McDonald’s is to be torn down as a condition of relocating diagonally across the street. That means a brand new McDonald’s store on the Northeastern corner of Commerce and Hull. And a newly vacant lot at the southwestern corner of Commerce and Hull with an unknown future.

Frankly I’m not so sure “I’m lovin’ it”…but I suppose it’s a good thing that the current McDonald’s store is going to be torn down. But what will go in its place? If an undesirable payday lending store or another minimart selling oversized cans of beer and lottery tickets goes in, it will be a huge setback for Hull St at such a prominent gateway intersection. Let’s hope that someone puts a business or mixed use building at this location that will make a positive contribution to the neighborhood.

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