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Poll: Do You Want to See Streateries & Parklets in RVA?

San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Vancouver and anywhere else I’ve forgotten are drinking the kool-aid referred to as Streateries & Parklets! And why not, it brings the community together creating an energy and vitality to these urban city environments. Instead of just getting from point A to point B, people are stopping, meeting, lingering, drinking, eating and enjoying the surroundings of their neighborhoods. My inaugural post to the Dish by Design column referred to these little gems and I’m not backing down on my enthusiasm for these happy moments. The Hull Street and other RVA business corridors are ripe for the picking…and it needs to start now!

The City of Richmond is specifically preparing parklet guidelines and we’ve had the opportunity to peruse them. Unfortunately, the concept of streateries hasn’t been addressed in those guidelines, and we are waiting on further conversations with the City on how these could be incorporated as well. For everyone’s understanding, a parklet is referred to as a “sidewalk extension that provides more space and amenities for people using the street.” Streateries, are like parklets in that they create a space in a parking spot but they also provide approved seating for local businesses. For reference, here is Seattle’s Streatery guidelines, which the City of Richmond could easily use as a blueprint for a similar program here in RVA.

Do You Want to See Streateries & Parklets in RVA?

  • Hell Yes (84%, 86 Votes)
  • Hell No (16%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 102

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Here are various examples of parklets and streateries. So many intriguing ideas that create an unique atmosphere and visual engagement that lift the senses.

Streatery –



Parklet –



Streatery –



Streatery –



Parklet –


Featured Image –

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