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UPS to Lay Off 160 in Manchester

The legacy of J. Hardwood Cochrane’s Overnight Transportation is being partially dismantled according to today’s announcement by UPS to lay off 160 workers in Manchester as reported by the Times-Dispatch. But I guess that is what’s expected when Corporate America takes control of a local business. Then again, the change of control of Overnight Freight happened long ago. So why did it take so long for the cutting to transpire? I suppose we won’t ever know for sure.

Trying to rationalize the reasons for the decision won’t lessen the hardship for the 160 folks and their families who will need to find new employment though. It will be a tough slog. Manchester will push on, but it will have 160 fewer cars parked during the weekday amongst its streets. It’s a given that most of the affected workers don’t actually live in Manchester. Fair point. Regardless, it is tough to see folks lose their jobs irrespective of where anyone lives. Our thoughts go out to all those who are affected.

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