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Understanding Richmond’s Cockroach Problem: Joe Morrissey

The past week has provided a Fall cornucopia of Jerry Springer-esque, TMZ-like, sideshow carnival programming featuring Joe Morrissey’s sordid life. It has saturated Richmond’s media. His political adversaries have speculated, more like hoped, that Joe would drop out as a result. But those wishful thinkers fail to understand one simple

Lighthouse Diner on Hull? Sugar Shack? Pho? What’s the Deal?

Closed in 1970, the Lighthouse Diner on Hull Street has been rumored for the better part of 15 years to be just a few short months away from reopening. As it turns out, that was wishful thinking. The quasi-vintage exterior picture from the City of Richmond's real estate records shows what it

Bank Collectors?

When my wife and I were young, neither of us recall wanting to become bank collectors. And I am not referring to the type that call delinquent borrowers to collect unpaid debts. You see, some people collect stamps. Others collect coins. Apparently through some strange twist of fate we have become

Sweeten the Pot….

Transforming a neighborhood doesn't come easy. It can be overwhelming at times when all you see are a myriad of 40 ounce beer cans wrapped in that "oh so chic" shiny black plastic, along with the litter of lottery tickets strewn across the sidewalk. Unfortunately, some mini marts have a way of