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Sweeten the Pot….

Transforming a neighborhood doesn’t come easy. It can be overwhelming at times when all you see are a myriad of 40 ounce beer cans wrapped in that “oh so chic” shiny black plastic, along with the litter of lottery tickets strewn across the sidewalk. Unfortunately, some mini marts have a way of hanging out in the down trodden neighborhoods preying on the poverty stricken.

I am trying to look past the negative and view these obstacles as opportunities to sweeten the pot by bringing a bright new future to the Manchester neighborhood. I see a future of businesses, jobs, and abandoned buildings put back into service.

This past week, the 1204 and 1206 buildings on Hull Street have been going through an incredible rebirth. The faux front facade of the buildings was pulled off to uncover the old brick structure and boarded up windows behind. All these interesting details had been covered up throughout the years to make way for carpeting, drop down acoustical tile ceilings, and windows covered to block out all light. Demolition this past week uncovered such wonderful beauty that included beadboard ceilings, wood flooring, double hung windows, and a metal sliding door. To quote Bob Dylan – “The times they are a-changin'”and we’re bringing back the beauty that once was.

These buildings are speaking and they are telling us that there’s life yet in these old bones. They are saying “Watch me as I transform and shine once more.”

I can’t wait to see what businesses and residents inhabit these buildings once more. Join us on this journey as we uncover the possibilities!


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