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Bank Collectors?

When my wife and I were young, neither of us recall wanting to become bank collectors. And I am not referring to the type that call delinquent borrowers to collect unpaid debts.

You see, some people collect stamps. Others collect coins. Apparently through some strange twist of fate we have become the caretaker for old banks…or old bank buildings to be more precise.

As of Friday October the 7th, Laura Dyer Hild and I are the proud owners of our second bank building. Both banks are on Hull Street in Manchester. In fact, they sit directly across the street from one another. It is quite an odd predicament.

The first bank we bought was the Mechanics and Merchants Bank. The building currently serves as The Bankuet Place and a large 1,700+ square foot apartment. The building has been the host of countless weddings, birthday parties, campaign rallies, and film shoots over the years. It is a tremendous building that we hope will serve as an important pillar in the redevelopment of Manchester’s Hull Street.

Mechanics and Merchants Bank

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It is no secret that we have also bought a slew of boarded up buildings, vacant parcels and parking lots along Hull Street. We have started repairs and internal demolition on many of these buildings in preparation to restore them so that they may be put back into service. It was on one of my trips to Hull Street to meet an electrician that the owner of the Bank of Commerce and Trusts across the street approached me. She invited me to come look at her bank building. Apparently she had restored the building in 2005, but had since moved to Austin, Texas. The building had essentially become a huge storage facility. She wanted to know if I had an interest. I did. And as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Now the trick is to figure out what to do with these awesome buildings. Will we continue to use the Mechanics and Merchants Bank indefinitely as a banquet facility? Probably not-we have aspirations for this building. However, we are focusing on stabilizing the surrounding area as a first step. And what will we do with the Bank of Commerce and Trusts? Well, we will begin remodeling very soon. Architectural drawings are being completed as we speak. While we are not ready to make public our plans yet…this building will perhaps be the first building we put back in service as a business on Hull Street. We will keep the community apprised, just as soon as we are able to speak publicly about our plans. Stay tuned…

The Bank Of Commerce & Trusts

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