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The Dogtown Dish Mayoral Endorsement

Ever since we kicked off our polling for the City of Richmond Mayoral election, we have been solicited for our advice, campaign contributions, and public endorsements related to the race. It’s quite humbling to hear that so many smart folks who we deeply respect actually care what we have to say. So here you go. We hope we don’t disappoint.

The Dogtown Dish officially endorses…ANY OF THE CANDIDATES OTHER THAN Joe Morrissey. Regardless of your allegiances, Jack Berry, Levar Stoney, or Jon Baliles would all make decent Mayors. They are all good people. They all love our fine River City. They are all strong public servants. They are people who should be commended for their service. And they all have a chance at capturing a modest percentage of the vote. But here is the problem. None can win in such a crowded field. And by their very existence as candidates, they all but ensure that Joe Morrissey will win.

So here is the official call to the RVA Triumvirate: Jack, Levar, & Jon

Put Richmond first rather than your political ambition. Your aspirations must come second in order to save RVA from chaos, bribery, maffiose tactics, and a disbarred felon in charge. We survived a civil war 150 years ago that set us back for more than a century and a half. We have finally found our footing again. And our City is hoping you put it first, rather than yourselves. Set up a closed door session. Pick one amongst the three of you. Draw straws if you must. RVA will respect, if not revere you for doing this. It’s time to fall on your sword. It’s what Richmond needs. Strike that, it is what Richmond demands.

RVA will be far worse off if you continue to deny the inevitable. While we cannot speak for others, we will never support any of the three of you again for any form of political office if you stay the course and hand this charlatan the keys to our beloved city. We will never forget your betrayal of RVA. We will hold each of you responsible for making Richmond the laughing stock of the world. But it doesn’t have to come to that. All this nastiness can be avoided if you band together.

We would gladly act as the negotiators and broker the “consolidation meeting” if you like. Reach out and we will make it happen. Or if you can handle it amongst yourselves, then get it done and let us know what you decide. Or better yet, draw straws in a live, public press conference so everyone can see your honorable act of self sacrifice. It would be international news. You would be championed for your act. And if you aren’t convinced yet, ask yourself one simple question: Would you like to be known as one of the Richmond Three who banded together to save the City, or as one of the three megalomaniacs who failed Richmond?

Regardless of how you decide to do it, it needs to happen immediately. The city you love is counting on you. PLEASE DO IT NOW. There is no time to waste.

103 thoughts on “The Dogtown Dish Mayoral Endorsement

  1. a vote for Jon Baliles is a vote towards a sane, logical, productive, and healthy future for our city. A vote for Joe or Jack means we’ll be barking up the same tree as we have been for the past 8 years. Go to FB and check out the a’s, b’s, and c’s of the campaign or go to anyway, good on ya RVA, way to get into local politics!

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