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Understanding Richmond’s Cockroach Problem: Joe Morrissey

The past week has provided a Fall cornucopia of Jerry Springer-esque, TMZ-like, sideshow carnival programming featuring Joe Morrissey’s sordid life. It has saturated Richmond’s media. His political adversaries have speculated, more like hoped, that Joe would drop out as a result. But those wishful thinkers fail to understand one simple fact: Joe Morrissey is a cockroach. Joe is of the variety that live under refrigerators, in garbage filled alleys, and in sewage filled pipes. The toilet water that has invaded RVA this last week is the life essence on which Joe Morrissey depends for energy. He is not dropping out.

Joe knows that for his supporters, he is “their guy”-no matter what. He can do no wrong. This is the sentiment of the criminal underbelly of Richmond who hang their hat on repentance, the “we all make mistakes” argument, and the “he made an honest woman of that underage girl” line of thinking. The fraudsters, sexual predators, the drug dealers, the murderers, the thiefs, and charlatans look at Joe and they see “one of them.” And when they look at themselves in the mirror, they don’t look so bad when you compare their crimes alongside Joe Morrisey’s rap sheet.

You see, Joe Morrissey makes these individuals feel better about who they are. These uneducated, poor souls are on the fringe of society. Their crimes are often rationalized as simply doing what is necessary to survive on the hard and unforgiving inner-city streets of Richmond.

And make no mistake about it, being poor is tough. When you are worried about where your next meal will come from or how you will make your next rent payment, human beings will do just about anything to survive. Self-preservation is hardwired in our DNA. But here is the sad truth of the matter. These Joe Morrisey supporters are losing the battle that occurs everyday in society for equality and a chance for advancement. I am referring to the battle for education, the battle for housing, the battle for retirement savings, the battle for healthy food, and the battle for wealth. These are the losers of society, and not because they are intrinsicly bad people, but simply because they are losing. And we as a society are losing because we are unable or unwilling to help these folks advance due to the failed social policies of the 1960s, racism, and concentrated poverty in the housing projects of Richmond. These are the folks you hear about on the crime report every single night. And you better believe they are voting for Joe…and there isn’t a thing you can do to change their mind at this point.

So what do we do given this situation and Joe Morrisey’s preying upon the vulnerabilities of this group? If you believe that Joe is actually going to do something to help the plight of the poor within Richmond as Mayor, you are sorely mistaken. You see, he needs the poor to remain just where they are so he can profit off of their susceptibility. Joe needs the poor to remain desperate and commit crimes, so they need him. His power exists as a result of their condition. He has no interest in fixing the root cause of the problem. In fact, he wants to perpetuate it. This is how he gets his power. This is how he gets his legal fees. And this is how he gets his sexual favors from poor minority girls who see him as a path to a better future. Remember, everything is relative in this world. If you are disgusted with Joe…you simply don’t understand how bad some of these folks have it who support him, pay him, send him lewd text messages, have sex with him in his law office, and even marry him.

So this brings me back to repeat our call from earlier this week to Jack Berry, Levar Stoney, and John Baliles to consolidate and attempt to prevent Joe Morrissey from winning. Guys, get real. You don’t have a chance of winning with all three of you continuing to run in such a crowded field. Pick a candidate amongst yourselves, and the other two need to drop out immediately. This is your and the City’s last hope. And please don’t use the excuse of “I have received all these donations, I can’t drop out.” Any donor with a sound mind would rather see you drop out than guarantee Morrissey’s victory.

You have to stand up and be bigger human beings than just simple politicians. Given your lack of action this past week, I am afraid you are at risk of ending your political future in RVA forever if you stay the course. And when all three of you lose, we will be stuck with the cockroach that is Joe Morrissey. And there are going to be an awful lot of angry folks who will never support you again given your refusal to put Richmond first. You would be wise to pick a candidate amongst yourselves if you want a political future in this town.

And for goodness sakes, if you are elected please do something to fix the concentrated poverty within Richmond. It is this dynamic which makes Joe Morrissey possible.

Last chance, your move.

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