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RVA Mayor: Anyone Else Want Off This Crazy Train?

An old friend told me once: “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, A Song Is Worth A Million.”

So I spent my morning looking for images and music that best describe RVA’s 2016 Mayoral race. After scouring the web, I kept coming back to various pictures of slow motion train wrecks. These pictures represent exactly how RVA feels right now with less than 72 hours until we all wake up and vote. But I soon realized the images were enhanced quite nicely whilst listening to Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazytrain. So I strongly encourage you to crank up the volume up, click on the song below, and listen along while reading.

As you are probably well aware already, Jon Baliles put on his superman spandex and dropped out of the mayoral race this week. He did this in an attempt to reduce the chances that Joe Morrissey is elected Mayor. Baliles is being widely touted across RVA as a hero because of his selfless act. But Jon Baliles stepping down is not enough to derail the Joe Morrissey crazy train. Morrissey is well ahead of either Jack Berry or Levar Stoney. Jack and Levar are fooling themselves and their supporters if they think they have a chance of beating Morrissey with both remaining in the race come Tuesday.

So what is RVA to do? Well, either Jack Berry or Levar Stoney need to drop out of the race, and do it immediately. Otherwise, this slow motion train wreck of an election is all but guaranteed to end in a fiery crash with Joe Morrisey standing atop the rubble pile. So the question on everyone’s mind remains.

Will Jack or Levar drop out at the last second and avoid a near certain catastrophe for Richmond?

To state the obvious, the window of opportunity is rapidly closing. If either Jack or Levar bow out in an attempt to block Morrissey, they need to do so today. Otherwise, the media won’t have an opportunity to pick up the story Sunday. That will mean that Joe Morrissey is all but guaranteed to become Richmond’s new Mayor. There simply won’t be enough time to get the word out if they wait any longer.

It also bears mentioning that the supporters for any candidate who drops out will need time to let the mixed emotions of anger and sadness ware off. They will need time so cooler heads can and must prevail.  Voters will need time so they can think rationally about what they are going to do when stepping into the voting booth. But time is not RVA’s friend at this point.

So Jack or Levar, what are you waiting for? RVA is begging for one of you to have the courage to act.

PLEASE, DO IT NOW! RVA wants off the Crazy Train.


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