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Blood in the Cut

This past week was an historical event that won’t soon be forgotten. Like others, I’ve had mixed emotions because it’s been a long haul not only for the national election but the local election as well.

I’ve been fixated with a certain song from K.Flay – “Blood in the Cut“. It’s an emotional, raw song and seems quite appropriate for the current times. K.Flay’s description is poignant in that it calls for ownership of your emotions and though it’s dark in the beginning over time it can change to something more positive.

“The song is about the desire to inundate yourself with pain or angst or noise or joy, or really any experience, in order to have ownership of the feeling. Though it emerged from a dark place, the song quickly morphed into a celebratory thing, which was surprising and cool for me. It kind of felt like I was enacting the song as I wrote it” – K.Flay

Let’s not forget that we all bleed the same color. We as a country need to bridge the divide and stand as one. We’re currently in an heightened moment of emotions. Let’s not forget how this feels and the role we all play to keep this country moving in a positive direction.

Be kind to one another and above all be kind to yourself. Find your inner self in a walk through the woods, listening to music, or exploring an art exhibit. There is meaning to our lives and we need to make sure we don’t stay negative but get back to positive. Real change comes from an enlightened mind.

Image Credit: “Handprint” (1964), from “Jasper Johns: An Allegory of Painting.” Seen at VMFA.

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