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Construction Booms in Manchester’s Residential District

I love the fact that if I go out of town on vacation and come back to Manchester I can count on new buildings going up that didn’t exist when I left.

I took a drive around after being away on various business and Thanksgiving travels to find a boatload of new construction in Manchester’s residential district. When I got out of my car to walk around, all I heard were hammers, saws, and nail guns. No doubt, this is a pivotal time for Manchester.

The header image and first three pictures below are of Robin Miller and Dan Gecker’s development of the 1100-1200 Block of Perry Street, with follow on construction beginning directly behind on Perry Street. The fourth image is of adjacent construction on 11th Street.

The last two images are of Macfarlane Partners’ (Charles Macfarlane) and Corinthian Construction’s (Ben Adamson) Manchester Park project on McDonough Street. The development according to Richmond BizSense is “a combination of six townhome-style duplexes and a 12-unit apartment building with a corner commercial space along McDonough Street between West 13th and 14th streets.”

It will be fun to watch as the various blank parcels in Manchester continue to be infilled with new construction. My bet is you won’t be able to recognize this area a few years from now.







16 thoughts on “Construction Booms in Manchester’s Residential District

  1. When I was a kid. The newly built house on 11th. (the pic with the crapper in front of it) was literally a junk yard with junk stacked 6 to 8 foot high all across the property. It is amazing what Manchester is Becoming.