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Got Junk in Your Alley?

Got junk in your alley? Broken down street signs? Graffiti tags on buildings? Broken street lamps? If you live in Manchester, you know what I’m talking about. These issues are rampant. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing mattresses, TVs, couches, any random piece of junk that you would normally see in an enclosed space in your house or apartment out in the alley. I know it sucks cleaning up after people, and I agree we shouldn’t have to, but it’s apparent that these things won’t get taken care of unless we take action.

When these issues aren’t addressed it signals to everybody that nobody cares, attracting crime to a neighborhood among other things. It decreases residents feeling of safety, property values decline, and there is loss of business growth/tourism.

Doing something about these issues shows the community that we will not tolerate this lack of respect. This discourages people from trashing the neighborhood and keeps the city accountable for maintaining city infrastructure.

How You Can Help

1. Use SeeClickFix to Report Issues

On The Dogtown Dish SeeClickFix page you can report an issue using the SeeClickFix application. This is an on-line system for reporting broken street lights, potholes, bulk trash items, and other City infrastructure issues. It’s easy to use and usually effective. You can even attach a picture of what needs attention. A hint: if the issue is “closed” because it is passed on to another department, “open” it back up with an admonishment that kicking the can doesn’t fly in Manchester. Register at the SeeClickFix Website. We’ve also placed the SeeClickFix button (as shown below) on the right sidebar of the Dogtown Dish website for easy access.



2. Volunteer to Represent the 6th District on the Clean City Commission

According to the City of Richmond Clean City Commission website page, board member representation is needed for the 6th district (which Manchester resides in). “The CCC sponsors programs that encourage citizens to clean, maintain and beautify their environment.” If you have a passion for keeping our neighborhood maintained please reach out to them. Call (804)646-8325, or send an e-mail to the Clean City Commission on their website.

Although some portions of the city may receive regular maintenance, historically Manchester has not. It’s time to work with the city and bring these items to their attention.  BE LOUD Manchesterites-the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

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