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Haunting Images of 1865 Richmond Evacuation Fire

A friend shared the following movie short by Ken Hendricksen with me and I felt compelled to share it with our readers. Published on Jan 20, 2013, the movie short is a compilation of photographs illustrating the extent of the destruction of Richmond caused by the 1865 evacuation fire.

The images are nothing short of haunting.

Images of Richmond, Virginia, April, 1865. Authorities were under orders to destroy all the city’s tobacco, cotton, foodstuffs and alcohol before the Yankees got to it. The fleeing Confederates set fire to several warehouse, the fire got out of control. The Yanks arrived on the 3rd and found the city smoldering. Many of its citizens were dressed in rags, barefoot and starving. Some 800 buildings were destroyed. The Civil War officially ended on the 12th of April, …. the same day it started 4 years earlier.

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