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A Look Back at 1972-“Hurricane Agnes…..the Richmond Flood”

Given the high water on the James River this past weekend, I was scouring various historical photographs of Richmond floods for the sake of comparison. I couldn’t find any cooler historical image than the cover photograph of the paperback picture magazine “Hurricane Agnes…..the Richmond Flood” by  C.F. Boone in 1972.

The photo shows the Mayo Bridge covered in flood debris, and a soldier sitting atop a tree with an M-16 in hand. The eerie image looks like it was plucked out of an urban version of “Apocalypse Now” or “Full Metal Jacket.”

The paperback is described on Amazon as: “A unique picture magazine providing a graphic account of the events of June 22, 1972 and following days in Richmond, Virginia and her sister cities flooded by the James River after the passage of Hurricane Agnes.” If you would like to buy a vintage copy a limited number appear to be available on Amazon. My version is en route as we speak.

“A Virginia National Guardsman keeps watch at the south end of Richmond’s 14th Street Bridge after floodwaters of the James River receded.”

49 thoughts on “A Look Back at 1972-“Hurricane Agnes…..the Richmond Flood”

  1. So glad you mentioned this book! I have a copy on my shelf and just dug it out to show a friend since we walked the floodwall at the south end of the Mayo Bridge just yesterday!

  2. I got my the Richmond flood book back on April 23,1992 my mom wrote to cf Boone in Texas and I love this book.

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