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Is Rebkee Company Bringing a CVS Pharmacy to Hull Street?!

After years of waiting, Hull Street *might* be just about to get a proper pharmacy.

If you have followed our recent stories, the old McDonalds was relocated diagonally across Hull St and Commerce Road. Then the old store was torn down. And now after considerable speculation, the site has finally changed hands.

According to city property records a new developer to the neighborhood, Rebkee Company, has leapt into the Manchester neighborhood by acquiring the old McDonalds franchise site for $650,000 on May 31st. Rebkee Company is well known around Virginia for doing site acquisition and development of new CVS pharmacies. According to the Rebkee website: “Our current client list includes institutional investors such as Goldman Sachs, as well as Fortune 500 retailers such as CVS Pharmacy, among others.

While the details are uncertain at this point, and we have not been able to confirm if CVS is in fact the tenant intended for the parcel, I’d say there is a decent chance we might be about to get a new pharmacy. And if true, a badly needed amenity for the community will soon be added to our rapidly growing neighborhood.


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