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The Old Churches of Manchester

Manchester has some grand old churches. And for a fairly compact area, the architectural diversity of these houses of worship is quite impressive. Here are a few worth mentioning: Sacred Heart Catholic Church Community Bainbridge Street Baptist Church Central United Methodist Church Church of God of Prophecy First Baptist Church of

Why Did Richmond Annex Manchester?

Did you know that Manchester was an independent city until it was annexed by the City of Richmond in 1910? If so, did you ever wonder why Manchester agreed to consolidate? As you could probably guess, it all came down to money. There were two arguments on the matter, and public

Hull Street: Then and Now

Hull Street is experiencing a bit of a rebirth lately. It is fascinating to see how things have changed over the last 100 years. Some of the old buildings haven't survived. Many have. It will be interesting to see if some of the blank parcels and parking lots where buildings once

What’s Behind All the Recent Water Main Issues?

It sure seems like Manchester has had its fair share of water main issues recently. ABC 8 News reported  that DPU workers were working to repair a water valve on August the 4th on Semmes Ave and 9th Street: "According to ABC 8: "As a result, part of Semmes Avenue is blocked

7 West Project Exits Limbo

We originally announced Jeremy Connell's 7 West project a year ago in our Construction Starts on 7 West article. Demolition and site work commenced shortly thereafter. Then everything seemingly came to a grinding halt. So it goes when navigating the permit process at Richmond's City Hall. Permits have been taking an