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What’s Behind All the Recent Water Main Issues?

It sure seems like Manchester has had its fair share of water main issues recently.

ABC 8 News reported  that DPU workers were working to repair a water valve on August the 4th on Semmes Ave and 9th Street:

“According to ABC 8: “As a result, part of Semmes Avenue is blocked while crews flush a water hydrant and repair the road.

Crews temporarily had to shut off a water source overnight in order to make repairs. As a result, some residents lost water services temporarily, but DPU representatives say that services should now be restored.”

Then on August the 9th Manchester resident David Bass posted photos to social media showing a water main fail at what looks like 9th and Perry. It seems more than coincidental to have similar problems in such close proximity to one another within only a week.

Does everyone out there have their water service restored at this point?

Photo Credit: David Bass





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