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Homes Currently For Sale in the Manchester Area

Manchester is one of the few neighborhoods that still remains somewhat affordable when compared to other areas of the city. However, that is changing as new residents flock to the area and there is very little housing supply available. Many of the new homes (2 of the 3 featured below in fact) are income and/or first time homebuyer restricted. That income threshold locks out many potential buyers from considering these homes. That leaves very few homes available for market rate buyers who want a house that is in fully renovated condition or is newly constructed.

I also find it interesting that the label for an area affects price and perceived desirability. Originally, the entire area was just called Manchester. But then names and boundaries started to evolve and take on a life of their own. Homes west of Hull Street and bounded by Commerce and Cowardin Avenues have always been and continue to be labeled as Manchester. Homes East of Hull and bounded by Maury Street are now labeled Blackwell despite being part of the original Manchester atlas and referred to as such for at least a hundred years. Blackwell now loosely carries its label all the way to Dinwiddie Ave before eventually giving way to what is now referred to as Oak Grove.

And then there is Swansboro. Manchester used to extend roughly to where the old rail line once sat just to the East of Pilkington Street. But now that area is labeled as the industrial section of Swansboro as the line of demarcation for Manchester has shifted East and become Cowardin Ave/Jefferson Davis Highway. Swansboro roughly extends to Broad Rock Road to the west and it was once considered a suburb of Manchester until it eventually became part of Manchester. Now everyone just refers to it as Swansboro. Swansboro West pick us up at Broad Rock Road and is home to Swansboro Elementary School. Swansboro West extends as far west as George Wythe High School. I must admit it is all very confusing.

It will be interesting to see if these names stick, boundaries shift, or people just go back to calling the entire area Manchester.

1804 Boston Ave, Richmond, VA 23224

3 beds3 baths1,568 sqft

FOR SALE $169,950

205 E 18TH St Richmond, VA 23224

3 beds3 baths1,506 sqft

FOR SALE $165,000

216 W 12th St, Richmond, VA 23224

3 beds3 baths1,760 sqft

FOR SALE $285,000






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