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Residential Renovation Begins Southeast of Hull

Until now, residential development has almost entirely been confined in Manchester to the area northwest of Hull Street. More specifically, the area seeing the activity has been bound by Semmes and Cowardin Avenues, Hull Street, and Commerce Rd.

But now renovation is beginning to pick up steam southeast of Hull in the Blackwell area. One of the first renovations that really stands out is the beautiful restoration at 1301 Decatur Street. The property was sold to new owners just prior to Thanksgiving.

1301 Decatur Street

The following “Before Pictures” are of Church Hill Ventures’ renovations that are just now beginning. In large part, the property appreciation that has been seen throughout the city and in the northwestern area of Manchester has yet to take hold southeast of Hull. My guess is that is all about to change once properties begin to get fixed up and vacant properties get put back in service. While there is certainly a lot of housing stock that is in need of renovation in this area that will take time to work through, some new infill construction will likely follow as values begin to improve. It will be fascinating to watch the progress unfold as folks invest in this awesome neighborhood!

1219 Decatur Street
1214 Decatur Street
1803 Boston Avenue
1804 Stockton & 1806 Stockton Street
1806 Everett Street





10 thoughts on “Residential Renovation Begins Southeast of Hull

  1. “One of the first renovations that really stands out is the beautiful restoration at 1301 Decatur Street.”

    Putting neighbors back in the hood:
    Baughan Wilton
    Jason Hager
    John Hager

  2. Can 818 Decatur St get some love? Blazed the Blackwell renovation trail way back in 2007! Looking forward to all the upgrades. Keep it up dogtown!

  3. Those ones on Stockton are a block down from us and we’re SO happy that they’re being renovated!!! That’s such a yucky block. So excited about all the changes coming this year.

  4. I recently purchased a house on 1706 Stockton ST and we have been so excited to see the change that is happening in our neighborhood. Keep bringing the love!

  5. 1219 Decatur street, I almost bought this house but there was too much work needed. Vagrants had gotten under the house and cut the support beams. The previous owner bought it during the housing bubble and just let it sit . There were so many needles in and around it, it just didn’t feel right to me when I went to look at it there was a group of seven people hanging out on the back of the the house. I called the owner and he said he said it would get better. Hopefully that area has changed.

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