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No Grocery Store for Old Alleghany Warehouses on Semmes Ave

Despite years of speculation, the developer behind the old Allegheny Warehouses at 1802 Semmes Ave on the border of Manchester and Swansboro announced that their development will likely not include a grocery store at a local community meeting.

Harper Associates and their representatives have worked for years to bring either a national or local grocery store tenant to the parcel they refer to as Manchester Town Center, but have received no interest. The Richmond Times-Dispatch just did an article on the development and here is what they had to say:

‘“My client acquired the property to develop it as a grocery-anchor retail center,” said T. Preston Lloyd Jr., an attorney with Williams Mullen who is representing Manchester Town Center. Harper Associates has acquired, developed, constructed and managed retail shopping centers including Chippenham Forest Square off Chippenham Parkway and Forest Hill Avenue and the Kroger Center at North Lombardy and West Broad streets.

“But after having conversations with every grocery operator in the market or interested in the market, no one is interested in moving forward there,” Lloyd said. “All of the grocery stores say either this is not a good time to look for new properties or they are not expanding here.”

The developer has begun to rethink what the 12.8-acre parcel might become, he said.

One possibility is putting an unspecified number of town homes on the site.’

You can read the full Richmond Times Dispatch article here: Developer of Manchester parcel rethinking what the property might become without major grocery store.

18 thoughts on “No Grocery Store for Old Alleghany Warehouses on Semmes Ave

  1. I’ll be happy if they do some nice townhomes and retail. The site is unattractive and perhaps once redeveloped would attract a grocery to the area if not on the site itself.

    1. Because Carytown groceries are slammed after Martin’s closed… Manchester absolutely needs one but the near west end, Scott’s Addition, and Carytown are surging in population.

    2. There are also the Fresh Market, Elwood Thompson, CVS, Walgreens and Kroger all within the same cluster with an aldi just up the road on Blvd. Where as the booming Manchester population, while not as wealthy as those in Carytown since places like Miller Lofts offer low income housing, are significantly more in need of affordable groceries. Which do you think would be the bigger population bump: influx into old homes rented out to a few students or influx into warehouses converted into apartment buildings?

  2. I don’t get why the grocery chains that have said they don’t have interest in expanding here feel that way. There is a captive audience in this area that is begging for ANY halfway decent grocery store. I’ve tried the ones at Belt & Hull, and 1/2 the produce was rotten both times I went. Driving to Aldi’s on Forest Hill is getting old, I just want somewhere I can bike or walk to when I need a couple items. And somewhere that most residents in my neighborhood can get to even if they don’t have access to a car to drive 20 minutes or won’t need to take 2 buses while hailing groceries.

  3. Manchester needs to organize and run a campaign to get a grocery store here. That’s how other communities in food deserts have secured food access. We need to create an action group, or come together under an established organization, and put a proposal together. This also includes getting political support from council members, and our representatives. At this point, we have to take action in our own hands.

  4. Tom Leonard’s? Really?? There is no national interest as the market is no where near as big enough for more than Aldi sized store. You need 25,000 plus middle and high income residents, underserved, in a one to two mile radius (and exclude residents north of river) for Kroger or Publix. You just don’t even come close to what is needed in that area. It is improving but still doesn’t have the mass.

    1. Yeah Really!,with the looks of things this area will be lucky to attract a decent Mom&Pops!.,The big stores you’re interested in aren’t coming!,quite obvious by now isn’t it?.

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