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Vintage Hull Street Thalhimers Photo Found

We have written extensively about the renovation of The Baldwin Building at 1209 Hull Street that is currently underway. The building is being converted into Dogtown Brewing Co as I write this. The old Baldwin Building was once an independent dry goods store, but was sold in the late 1950s in order to become a Thalhimers department store. The Hull Street store was the Thalhimers’ second location as they expanded from Broad Street, and their first foray into new stores which later spread like wildfire.

While we have been able to find evidence in books that made mention of the Hull Street Thalhimers store, we never were able to secure an actual photograph. Well all that changed this week when the Thalhimer family was nice enough to reach out to us with what they found in their family archives. We are happy to announce that the one and only photograph of the old Thalhimers store on Hull Street that is known to exist has been found! You can click on the image below to see a high resolution version.

In the 1950s the massive Thalhimers store was comprised of two different buildings on Hull Street: the two story building to the right at 1201 Hull Street and the three story 1209 Hull Street building to the left (The original Baldwin Building). We are told by the Thalhimer family that the old store operated before the days of air conditioning. So naturally they had showers installed inside so shoppers who rode into town could wash up before trying on new clothes.

A lot has changed in Manchester since the days of Thalhimers. But what hasn’t changed is a desire to have a vibrant Hull Street-Manchester’s downtown business corridor-that we can all be proud of once again. We absolutely cannot wait to see life fully restored to this awesome neighborhood!

Credit: Thalhimer Family 1960

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