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33 New Apartments Planned for Manchester

Richmond BizSense was first to report that Ben Adamson and Charles Macfarlane are partnering up again to bring new apartments and commercial space to Manchester’s McDonough Street. Here is what Richmond BizSense had to say:

“Corinthian Construction’s Ben Adamson and Macfarlane Partners’ Charles Macfarlane are looking to extend their Manchester Park project along McDonough Street to an adjacent block across 12th Street, where they are planning a new mixed-use building with 33 apartments and a 4,000-square-foot corner commercial space.

The pair has applied for a special-use permit to allow for the 32,000-square-foot building, which would fill six parcels totaling a half-acre at the corner of McDonough and 12th streets. The request was on the city planning commission’s consent agenda Monday.”

You can read the full article at Richmond BizSense: More apartments eyed along McDonough Street in Manchester

7 thoughts on “33 New Apartments Planned for Manchester

  1. I used to work in this area and have seen the growth. Seems like a lot of apartments in that area. Some of the newer ones are already run down, especially the one at Commerce & Maury. Manchester won’t attract the residents it needs with college kids and renters. I’m suspicious of this growth strategy.

  2. They really don’t need a huge high priced apartment building on that block,they need more single family homes to create more of a community,plus why add hundreds of more people to an area that cant get a decent full scale grocery store?. This block was home to public housing as I recall,and there was more of a community back then, (it wasn’t all “drugs&guns” for those who wish to stereotype ) than it is now!. Those nice healthy trees that have growing for decades would make a nice contribution to a backyard of a newer home.

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