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Manchester’s $100 Million South Falls Towers Moving Forward

For those who have followed our earlier reports of Fountainhead’s planned towers at the western base of the Mayo Bridge in Manchester, it appears the project is beginning to pick up steam.

The project involved negotiation with the City of Richmond because bridge work across the City owned Manchester Canal was necessary to enable the development. The deal also included a land swap with the City adjacent to the property.

Richmond BizSense reports the towers are now being called South Falls, and the first tower is due to start construction this summer:

“Called South Falls I, the first tower would include 256 apartments with river views in the 14-story, L-shaped building, according to plans filed with the city. It also will include 2,400 square feet of ground-level retail fronting the canal at the entryway of the development.

No plans for the second tower, South Falls II, have been filed. Papa estimates that building could total 225 apartments.”

The project is reportedly a $100 Million development.

35 thoughts on “Manchester’s $100 Million South Falls Towers Moving Forward

  1. Utter bullshit that’s another 30 million dollar piece of property given away for nothing, but to just repair the little bridge across the canal? RCP School= 35 million in the hole in deferred maintenance. Richmond City= Giving away 30 million in property.

    1. Part of the property they bought for $850k from Federal Paper Board Co. in 2012. The other half, which is only accessible through the Paper Board parcel, was assessed at only $1.7 million, not $30 million, and acquired with agreement that Fountainhead would develop infrastructure, costing an estimated $2 million, that normally would be under city responsibility. Not exactly a free give-a-way, especially considering the property was generating zero tax revenue and now will have property and business taxes from a $100 million development.

      1. Can’t complain about giving away money to detriment of schools when the city is enabling development that will bring in a pretty good chunk of tax revenue – and i doubt many of those folks will have kids.

    2. Marty York are you being obtuse on purpose? The city property is one thing. Fountainhead is another. Fountainhead controls access etc.

      I mean, I don’t want to patronize you, but I don’t get what you don’t understand, it seems really obvious?

    1. YES!! I waited 3 years for one to open, and while it wasn’t the only reason, it was definitely a factor in my deciding to move back across the bridge! It’s like constantly a new apartment building being built after another and still no grocery store for all those people they’re building housing for. 🙁

  2. A grocery store would be a poor use of that property but hopefully the South Reynolds retail development acquires one as originally planned. Adding more residents will certainly add to enticing a grocer.

  3. Bummer, it will ruin the paper company apartments view and less people will move in. Lived here four years with a fantastic view of the city and now this is gonna be in the way and steal our view. I wish they considered lowering the floors of the building to accommodate whats already been built out of respect but no, just profit margin of bigger, more $$$
    What we really need over here is a small grocery store so we dont have to drive all the way to Willow Lawn or Midlothian for groceries.

  4. I need to read the comments but as a small developer in town it pains me to see how much we’ve fumbled the river front. Take a trip to Charlestown or Savannah for example and that gives a great look at what could’ve been

    1. Unfortunately money talks over any real vison or plans that make sense for the city. It doesn’t help when add in complacency, laziness and fear of action on projects….fear in being held accountable for projects that don’t come to fruition.

    2. Can’t really do the same thing in a fall line city that needs a massive flood wall to allow the development we’ve got. Coastal cities like Charlestown and Savannah are a different beast.

  5. Hopefully these apartments won’t suck. Lots of great concepts in RVA but with ultimately poor execution when it comes to floor plans, etc. Oh. And rents. Can only imagine what this will do to rents in the area.

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