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Twisted Ales Brewing to Close

Manchester received some sad news today. Twisted Ales Brewing posted on social media that in conjunction with its 1 Year Anniversary, it is closing after this weekend. You can read the full social media post below.

Twisted Ales is located in the old Blue Bee Cider location in Industrial Manchester at 212 W 6th Street.

“We are having our one year birthday bash all weekend long – and also giving last call.

Our adventures in the brewing industry have come to a end, coincidentally, at our one year birthday mark. Life has unexpectedly set the Price family on a new and exciting path taking us outside of the great state of Virginia. Raise a glass with us this weekend as we celebrate the good times we had together, the friendships made, and the worthy RVA causes we supported this year. We’ll pour over the next couple of days until it’s gone. I guess that makes every drop of beer rare, so don’t delay! We will also sell the remainder of our Twisted Ales glasses, t-shirts, stickers, and other fun things.”

14 thoughts on “Twisted Ales Brewing to Close

  1. Bummer. Thinking location, location, location. Was in TAB a couple of times. Nice place but, imho, needed some sort of food or entertainment component to be a destination, given its somewhat off the beaten path location all alone on the backside of the block. Was talking it up with a co-worker younger and hipper than myself who lives only a few minutes down Semmes and he didn’t even know they existed. My Hipness Factor rose a couple notches, though, by being “in the know.” ; )

  2. This is a total bummer. I live two blocks away. They have a phenomenal space and excellent beers. Unfortunately, there was rarely a crowd in there. Not sure why. Hope the brewer keeps making great beer somewhere.

  3. Sadly they lost their view when the 10 story monstrosity was built in front of them. I wish they could hold out a bit longer, maybe some of those future tenants would make good patrons…

  4. I had never heard of Twisted Ale. I frequent several of the breweries around town and love trying out new places.
    In a town where breweries are popping up everywhere, you have to make yourself known or you get lost in the mix.
    Sorry to hear they are closing.

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