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Williams Bridge Company Complex Proposed to be Redeveloped

Chances are if you have travelled I-95 south of Richmond you are familiar with the massive Williams Bridge Company building. The namesake company, Williams Bridge Company (a subsidiary of Williams Industries), vacated its longstanding home a little over a year ago. And there has been speculation as to what was to become of the massive building in real estate circles ever since.

The sprawling 200,000 square foot industrial building complex is under contract as reported by Richmond BizSense. The current owners have applied to rezone the property from a heavy industrial to a B-7 mixed use, hinting that the potential buyer is exploring options to convert the large warehousing facility into apartments. Here is what Richmond BizSense had to say when it broke the story last week:

“With a buyer lined up, the family behind one of the largest and most visible manufacturing sites on the city’s Southside has a deal in the works to rezone the property and clear a path for potential redevelopment.

The sprawling and dormant Williams Bridge Co. complex at 700 E. Fourth and 1500 Goodes streets on the edge of Manchester is under contract with an undisclosed buyer, according to sources familiar with the pending deal.

The current owners of the 27-acre tract – family members of company namesake Frank Everett Williams Jr. – on June 1 filed a rezoning application with the city’s planning department to have the property rezoned from heavy industrial to the B-7 mixed-use zoning designation.”

You can read the full article at Richmond BizSense.

31 thoughts on “Williams Bridge Company Complex Proposed to be Redeveloped

    1. Across 95 from bridge company is the sewage company then the paper recycling plant I work night at Estes and the between the smells noise and the train blocking the only exit every morning I don’t think it will happen.

  1. This is so sad. Every single place for man work is being turned into Apartments or a brewery. There are men who don’t work in offices or the restaurant industry in Richmond, and we have lost all of our locations to do this type of work

    1. So now it makes sense to live in industrial areas of the city and try to locate warehouses to lease in the suburbs…..where warehouses don’t really exist?? Gotcha

    2. It’s not that people are trying to relocate industry to make room for residential space. It’s that the industry moves following a lower cost of overhead that can take advantage of in the counties.

      So it makes a lot of sense to turn a purpose built industrial building into an easily divided livable space.

  2. Trains blow their horn going through 14th St. everyday and night. Those residents signed up for it. The traffic is horrific going across that bridge. When will the development include transportation issues? Jumping on a GRTC bus will have you sitting in the traffic also, you just won’t be driving.

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