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M4 Rifle Stolen from Parked Police Cruiser in Manchester

Some criminals have serious guts. According to CBS6 News, a thief broke into a locked police cruiser on Saturday July 14th, and stole an M4 rifle from the vehicle located at the 400 block of West 10th Street.

Here is what Chief Durham had to say as quoted by CBS6 News:

“The number one property crime in the city is theft from motor vehicles, and now unfortunately, the RPD has been victimized as well. We urge anyone with information to call our detectives,” said Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham.

If you have information that could help detectives, call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000 or submit a tip online at The P3 Tips Crime Stoppers app for smart phones may also be used. All three Crime Stoppers methods of contact are anonymous.

21 thoughts on “M4 Rifle Stolen from Parked Police Cruiser in Manchester

    1. It a Police car, if the police carry around their M4 regularly citizen start to complain.
      Also by law you must keep you gun in your car unless you have a conceal carry permit which always you to carry in public, but citizens still complain about it.

    1. They leave the M4 in there car because they will no need it for the call and when police carry assault rifle citizen complain when carrying around on normal patrols.

  1. Its ironic cuz the police put flyers up everywhere in the surrounding apartments here to keep our junk in our trunk because the amount of theift. But even we do, our cars still get broken into and nothing is done about 100% of the time.

  2. Well first most police cars have m-4’s in them. The are actual machine guns. Not just an AR-15. Second yes they are locked in a rack. There are internet videos on how to defeat them. Third why is this the first I am hearing of a criminal having a machine gun in RVA?

  3. It was a locked police car that skilled suspect or suspect’s broke into. If they can brake into a police car what also can they break into. 😯

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