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Homeless Shelter on Hull Housed Boulevard Burger & Brew Burglar We have learned that the Boulevard Burger & Brew Burglar was being housed by the Liberation Family Services homeless shelter located at 1201 Hull Street. Richmond Police recently reported that the restaurant burglar and Liberation Family Services resident, Spencer T. Adkins, was arrested on Thursday July 13th. According to CBS 6,

Manchester Tour + YogaHike

university assignment writing help Are you planning to attend the Manchester Tour + Yoga Hike this Sunday, July 16th from 1-4? Here are the details according to its Facebook Event page: One of our favorite events of the season AND and opportunity to support local businesses while meeting new friends, connecting with old friends, and getting

Houses For Sale In Manchester

next I often hear from the realtor community and those searching for a home that there is a shortage of housing inventory in Richmond. Well look no further, because Manchester has some great starter homes, larger single family homes, and loads of apartments that renovators are turning back into single family

Residential Construction in Manchester Hammers Away So we walked Manchester this weekend, and the construction boom is staggering. Developers are building market rate duplexes and single family homes at a blistering pace. The infill construction is located along Bainbridge, Porter, Perry, and McDonough Streets between Commerce Road and Cowardin Ave. Many, if not most of the


1213 Hull Street has some serious scaffolding going on these days. The neighboring building at 1215 Hull St was torn down many moons ago. The rough brick at 1213 Hull was only meant to abut another adjoining building wall, and was never meant to be exposed. So it is now

Drone Video of Manchester Development

A reader just sent us his cool drone video exploring the crane that is being used to construct the new Manchester high rise going in at 505 Porter St just northeast of Legend Brewing. Greg Montalto's Facebook post entitled "Craning my flying robot for a better view of Manchester development" has some awesome close up shots of