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wasSUP RVA-WhoLetTheDogsOut?

I went to the Dominion Riverrock at Brown's Island yesterday to see what wasSUP with the river festivities. After my own SUP experience last weekend, I was interested in seeing how the competitors would fair in the SUP Cross over the James River Rapids at the old VEPCO dam. This also happens

Are You Down with SUP?

I recently had a long weekend trip to Southern California. My first leg of the trip was in Huntington Beach - Surf City USA. The first morning started off with an overcast sky also dubbed as the "marine layer" that burns off by the afternoon. Once the layer dissipates you're

BridgePark RVA

Since 2012, the BridgePark has been an idea that hasn't fully left the drawing board. That's unfortunate because an idea like this makes a tremendous amount of sense. The bridge would sit roughly between the new Tyler Potterfield Bridge and Manchester Bridge and span across the river from Kanawha Plaza to the

What’s A Girl Got To Do To Get Some Polka Dots Around Here?

Who doesn't like Polka dots? Whimsical Simplicity. Symmetrical Patterns. Vibrant Colors. Calming Repetition. What's not to like? What started as a demonstration project in Silver Lake, Los Angeles looks to become a permanent polka dot fixture. The pilot project was organized through Streets for People (People Street) and Frank Clementi of Rios